If I Take The Strip Extra Strength Softpsyll How Long Will The Clean Urine Last Been Smoking Meth Last Nite And Have To Take The Test Today?


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eric hampton answered

i havent smoked weed for about 30 days. I took an over the counter urine test . The test showed a clear and defined line for cocaine , heroin , and pcp. But for marijuana the line was not as defined. The test said even though line is faint it still means negative but Im nervous that i will fail this test. I bought a detox tea, been drinking plenty of water, and purchased STRIP nc extra strength 16oz..  Im not sure when to take cleanser ( nite before or few hours before test)  ... Also worried about it being detected by test,, not sure if it will work at all... Can someone help..

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Arthur Wright answered
Wont help and besides its a little too late to be thinking about this one now. For future info, modern drug tests can detect the slightest trace of any drug (especially illegal drugs)  for up to 6 months after usage no matter what one tries or does and in fact many of these so called fast cure all remedies may actually show up as illegal and cause you to fail

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