For The Purposes Of A Cotinine Blood Level Test, How Many Days Is Cotinine In Your System?


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Cotinine can be detected in the blood for up to four days after it was last used.

Cotinine is an important alkaloid found within tobacco and a metabolite of another chemical in the substance - nicotine.

The alkaloid is not as potent as nicotine and can be used in medicine as an antidepressant, usually under it's brand name Scotine.

Cotinine blood test
  • Cotinine is found within products that contain tobacco such as: Cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff and spit tobacco.
  • It can be detected in regular urine tests for up to three days after it was consumed. Urine tests are the most common form of drug testing because they are cost-effective, simple and accurate.
  • Mouth swab screenings look for the presence of cotinine in saliva, and this type of test can provide accurate results up to three days after exposure.
  • Hair follicle testing is used when a longer-term drug history is needed. This method can find traces of substances in the hair for anything up to three months after it was taken.
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It's a breakdown product of nicotine and can stay in the system for 2-4 days after smoking. If you are chronic smoker then excretion can be delayed.

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