How Can I Pass A Cotinine Test?


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  • How to pass the test

The best way to ensure that you pass the Cotinine Test is to stay away from cigarettes, including second hand smoke. If, however, you feel that this is not an option, then apparently drinking plenty of water before the test should help. Doing this is not allowed though, so if you are going to attempt it, do make sure that you do not mention that you have done so to anyone else.

  • About Cotinine and the Cotinine Test

Sold sometimes as an antidepressant, Cotinine is a chemical that is found in tobacco smoke, and it is the detection of this substance that is the purpose of the Cotinine Test.

Detectable for up to one week, the levels of Cotinine that can be found in the blood depends entirely upon the amount of tobacco a person has been around; the two are said to be directly proportional to each other, meaning that as one factor increases, so does the other, and at the same rate.  

If it is discovered that there is less than ten ng/mL of Cotinine in your sample, then you are thought to be a person who is consistently a non-smoker. Anything between ten and 100 ng/mL, and you are deemed a light smoker, or somebody who is constantly exposed to passive-smoke. If your test comes back with a figure that is over 300 ng/mL, then you are considered to be someone who consumes over 20 cigarettes a day; a heavy smoker.

There are three different ways of performing the Cotinine Test in total, all of which require samples from you; studying either your blood, your urine, or your saliva, scientists can detect roughly just how much you really smoke on a day to day basis.

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