Does 'Affirm Detox' By Total Eclipse Cover Up Cocaine?


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No, Affirm Detox by Total Eclipse will not cover up cocaine usage.

There are numerous products on the market currently, which claim to be able to cover up the tell-tale signs of illegal drug use.

However, none of these products has scientific backing, and modern drug tests can detect the use of covering agents, causing you to fail the tests anyway.

Does Affirm Detox by Total Eclipse work for cocaine use?
Modern drug screenings are very sensitive. The best way to pass a drug test would be to not take illegal substances.

  • Urine screenings are the most common method of drug testing. This is because they are cost-effective, simple and accurate. Cocaine traces can be found within a urine sample up to thirty days after the drug was last used.
  • Blood testing is also used sometimes. This form of testing can find cocaine within a user's blood for twenty-four hours after the drug was used.
  • Mouth swab tests look for illegal drug traces in the saliva. These tests are effective up to ten days.
  • Hair follicle testing is used to determine the longer-term drug history of an individual. They are effective for approximately three months after a person has taken cocaine.

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