Can Elavil Show Up Positive For Benzo's On A Standard Drug Test?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

No Elavil shouldn't show up on a standard drug test, but if the company testing you use a more accurate and expensive test, then it could. 

I have heard of several tests that have shown up as positive for Benzos when the person being tested had only taken Elavil - but as I mentioned, these are cases where the person was being tested with high-tech lab equipment, not 'run of the mill' drug tests that employers might use for example.

Also, is the Elavil on prescription? If so there is no need to worry. If it does show up, the lab will call you and ask if the medication is prescription, if you tell them it is - and they will probably call your doctor to check. 

Then they will report back to your employer that the test was negative.

It also depends on how close to having the test you last took Elavil, If you know this is coming up, it might be a good idea to stop taking the Elavil for up to two weeks beforehand.

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