Does AZO Pills Clean Your Urine For Drug Test?


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No, AZO will not clean your system of drugs.

AZO pills are to treat a urinary tract infection. It is meant to relieve you of the burning feeling you have when you pee and have an infection. Since, it is to fight an infection, it is not something that will clean your system of drugs.

Drugs enter your body and get absorbed by the blood going into the organs. This is how it can enter your urine. Just because it is absorbed into the urine does not mean any other drug can remove it. Instead, all drugs eventually get into the urinary tract, in order for your body to dispose of waste. If there are drugs in your system, it will take a while before they leave.

During this time you will have to deal with it in your system. At the moment, there are no known drugs that will make a drug leave your system in time for a drug test. If you are on drugs and will continue to take drugs, then you should not be allowed in the job or in the sports position.

There are reasons that drug testing is done and that is for your safety, the safety of others, and because drugs are illegal. Now, if you took a medical drug to help you with a medical product and it is banned due to other properties, you will just have to wait until it clears your system to take a drug test or explain what happened.

AZO is definitely not going to get rid of any drug you may have in your system for a drug test. So, unless you need to use it for an infection you are better off not taking it since you could have a reaction to it.

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