How Long Does Adderall Stay In Your System For Urine Test?


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Adderall is an amphetamine drug, and how long it stays in your system will depend on which type you are taking. Regular instant-release Adderall will stay in the body for around 35 hours depending on the individual.

Adderall XR (Extended Release) will take an average of 60 hours to be completely out of your system. As a general rule, amphetamines will be totally out of your system within 72 hours, although it depends on the type of testing that is being done.

Urine tests will be able to detect the drug for longer, while a blood test may only pick it up within 12 or 24 hours. Blood tests are probably the most commonly used for Adderall users, since it is a prescription drug and the test is generally employed to make sure you are not using more than the prescribed dose, or to make sure that you are on Adderall rather than a different amphetamine.

Adderall is a mixture of four different salts that includes the racemic levo-amphetamine salts and so can be distinguished from a single salt amphetamine formulation like Dexedrine or Vyvanse.

Depending on diet and metabolism, you will generally find Adderall as a stimulant leaves your system quicker than a lot of drugs. It is possible that you could have a hair test and this will detect drugs in the system over a much longer period, a 1.5 inch cut of most recent growth can show a detection period of 90 days.
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Why you would say that Adderall "won't show up in a urine" is beyond me; you should do *some* sort of research or have at least have a general understanding of the narcotic in question prior to opening your mouth and making yourself look foolish (as you have successfully achieved here).

Adderall contains roughly 3/4 d-amphetamine (dextroamphetamine), which is the chemical compound present in Dexedrine (aka, dexies), and approx 1/4 levoamphetamine. It doesn't matter if you're popping Adderall or shooting meth, either will show up on a urine analysis as amphetamine (i.e., you will fail).

But, amphetamines typically have a short half-life and metabolize quickly. Generally, you will want to give yourself 72 hours for Adderall to clear out, but I've successfully passed a UA having taken Adderall the day before. So, it is possible to be clear within 24 hours, but it's better you give yourself 72 hours just to be safe. Good luck!
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I am prescribed adderal and I take xr30s. I went to a urine test on the same day I took two addies, and the only thing that showed was a little bit of marijuana (not from the adderal). I had smoked a month and a half before and it showed, but it was a different story with pills.

The half life of the xr30s is 10-12 hours, plain adderal is 10-12 hours also, but it should be out of your system in 3-4 days. You will be fine, just drink a lot of water. Hope this helps you.
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Adderall stays in the system up to 3 days.
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Time depends on dose, from how long you take it, your metabolism, quality of test, etc.. Approx period for detection by urine test - 3-7 days (and longer ). Buy a rapid home drug test kit with mAMP panel ( methamphetamine/amphetamine), any 5 panel test and test yourself.
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Usually 72 hours, but depending on how your body metabolizes the drug it can be longer or shorter. If you take Azos (OTC med for a UTI), it will mess the test up, or you can drink lots and lots (a gallon - yes, really) of water within 3 hours of the test, and by the time you take the test you are basically putting out almost entirely water.

It won't smell like urine, and will be very clear. That means that the amount of amphetamine in your urine will be next to nothing and since a urine test requires one part per thousand to be a positive,if you drink enough water right before testing you will not test for anything.

But keep in mind the urine will basically be water and alongside not including the drug, it wont contain keytones and many places wont accept a clear sample because obviously they know people dilute to pass. So be prepared to say you just left the gym and make a habit of over hydrating yourself.

Hope this helps some. Good luck!
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I gave myself 72 hours before my urine test at my pain clinic and it didn't show up. Their tests are of the highest lab quality, they test for everything and have the type of drug and names of all the drugs in my system so if it had shown up it would have showed up as amphetamine and Adderall. Also my metabolism is very slow so I would give yourself at least 72 hours to be on the safe side. Hope this helps.

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Honestly it totally matters how much you were taking it and what test you are getting. For a urine test(by far the most common) if you just took it once or once a week or something it will certainly not show in 1-3 days. It has a very fast half life. The tests need a certain amount to trigger this isn't CSI these are relatively cheap tests and they need a level of certainly to indicate.

If they hair test you (very expensive) you're screwed, it's gonna show for months and months if they really want to check you that hard. Very uncommon unless you have a drug problem or are applying for a government job

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They did urine test on me for adderrall, it stayed in my system longer than 72 hours. I was taking 20mg tabs two times a day.
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how long did or does it stay in your system? i only have taken six twenty mg. in the past three days and i have a urine test in fourteen days. will i be ok? they send it off to a lab. i am new at taking adderall.
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WHAT? To say Adderall won't show up in a drug screen is totally WRONG! It is amphetamine salts. Basically, pharmaceutical amphetamine. So the answer is: If the drug screen is looking for amphetamines, then yes, it will show in urine.

Drug screens look at 5 different drugs: Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, Phenylcyclohexylpiperidine (PCP). If it's a 7 screen, it also looks at: Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines.
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If it was prescribed for you, it really is of no concern. The problem is that every drug you ever take has a half life. It could be hours or days, or weeks.

If you start at 100% for anything and continually divide it by half in whatever number of hours or days it takes, you can never get to zero. So it will be with you forever, technically. Yes they have special tests that can answer that also, but I don't know of anyone who would use that information.
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Adderall wouldn't show up in a urine test. Be careful if you are taking it and it is not yours. You should be checked out by a Dr. Because you could have a heart problem you don't know about and adderall could be deadly, especially if you are taking a high dosage.
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Any drug can be detected for up to 6 months after usage no matter what you do with today's modern drug testing methods.

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