If I Take A Percocet Will It Show Up As A Hydro On My Urine Test?


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Percocet is Percocet and Hydro is (I assume ) Hydrocodone.  They will show up as two different drugs.  It depends on when you took it and if you have a prescription for it, in your name..  If you do, bring the bottle, and be prepared to show it to the HR person if asked.  If you have a legitimate reason for taking it, and a Dr. Prescibed it, there shouldn't be any problem, unless your taking the drug while working impairs your ability to do your job.
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The keys here are to have a valid reason to be using it, have a valid prescription, and be working in a job where it is allowed in the workplace.  For instance, when working maintenance on Aircraft, taking percoset would be a disqualifying factor and you would not be legally allowed to perform maintenance on the aircraft or aircraft parts, but it likely would not prohibit you from doing paperwork related to aircraft maintenance.
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No! It will show up as Oxycodone! Hydrocodone is Vicodin!
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Yes percocet will show up as a narcotic and cause you to fail a urine test, however; percocet and other narcotic pain meds only show up for 72 hours after 72 hours they will be out of your system and qill not show up on a urine test.

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