How Long Does Tramadol Stay In Your System? Will It Show Up On A Urine Drug Test?


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Even though there are ways for Tramadol to be tested within the urine, standard medical tests within the United States do not test for the substance presently. Instead, other common illegal drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and opiates like heroin will be detected through urinalysis instead. This is not because the technology is inadequate; it’s simply because it is not within a medical professional’s scope to test for Tramadol because it hasn’t been classified as a controlled substance by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Over time, this is likely to change, especially as more people are succumbing to the addictive tendencies that continued exposure to Tramadol can provide. It’s so powerful, that only 10 per cent of people who try to withdraw from this substance are successful in their attempt during the first year. Despite these daunting statistics, it is important to enter a rehabilitation program to overcome this problem instead of trying to shirk the consequences of a drug test. Through continuing to abuse Tramadol, you place yourself at risk of long-term damage to your body and even organ failure.

Innovative new techniques are being used that allows a patient to be anaesthetised during the difficult side-effects of a physical withdrawal. For example, if a person would be likely to experience depression, temperature changes and even suicidal tendencies, the Waismann Method is becoming the leading technique used by clinics to assist patients that endure extreme withdrawal symptoms. Even though the amount of people addicted to Tramadol is on the rise, it’s fair to say that the treatments available for addicts who have had enough of their lives being ruled by this controlled substance are getting better.
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Around 24 hours from the time you stop taking it, also since it is not an opiate it will not show up on a random 5 or 10 panel test. However there is a drug test that can find and detect ultram/tramadol but unlikely that you will be tested. The FDA reported no false positives for opiates on drug screens, hope this helps.
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Tramadol stays in the system 2-3 days but will not show up on a drug test. It is not a narcotic and not an opiate.
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It will not show up as an illegal drug on urine tests.
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Tramadol is a narcotic analgesic, synthetic analog of codeine. Generally codeine breaks down into morphine and opiate drug tests look for codeine and morphine. But not any drug test detect "synthetic opiates".So test results will depend on the type of test that is used. (for example 12 panel test detect "synthetic opiates" ).
Detection period :
For fluid testing (blood, saliva, urine) 3-7 days / longer for , chronic use , slow metabolism, over weight, GC/MS testing, etc..
Hair test- up to 90 days

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