Are Poppers Addictive?


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The word popper is used for miniature glass bottles that are filled with chemicals of the alkyl nitrite group like butyl nitrite, amyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite among others. The chemical are sniffed to get a high feeling; the fumes of the chemical affects the blood vessels and cause them to dilate resulting in a surge in the rate of blood supply to the heart and brain that gives rise to a heady feeling which lasts for about 5 minutes.

However the chemicals being highly toxic are almost always fatal if swallowed unintentionally. Poppers are sold in dance bars and night clubs under names like Rush, Thrust, Liquid Gold, TNT and Ram. The chemicals are usually clear or golden in color and are utilized by popping open the bottle, hence the name poppers.

Poppers though they are not addictive have been found to give rise to several problems like skin problems in the areas around the mouth and nose and recurring headaches. Poppers are lethal substances especially for people with heart problems, anemia and glaucoma. Excessive use of poppers reduces the oxygen levels in the blood and may lead to shock and unconsciousness. They are also highly inflammable and corrosive in nature and burn the skin if they come in to contact with it.

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