After Sniffing Poppers, How Long Do They Remain In The System? Are They Detectable In A Urine Drug Test?


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Poppers are usually very fast acting but can be removed from your system in around 72 hours. After this period of time they are pretty much undetectable so you should be alright.

If you are taking things like nitrous oxide (NO2) then it has a very short life in the body and in most cases it will not show up if you are about to have a drugs test or even a blood or urine test.

Poppers should not be consumed as they are illegal and banned substances. This is because they will damage your nervous system and could cause damage by killing brain cells which might affect your speech later in life.

Poppers belong to a group called Amyl, Butyl and IsoButyl Nitrates which are quickly absorbed into the system via the liver.

If you continue to use narcotics or poppers of any kind, this can lead to misuse and damage to your immune system too. All poppers can cause, or lead to, a number of diseases including the threat of cancer and Kaposi's Sarcomas in HIV+ individuals.
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Amyl, Butyl and IsoButyl Nitrates (aka poppers) are completely and rapidly metabolized in the liver by first-pass mechanism. These are very fast acting and are broken down almost immediately into undetectable metabolites. It doesn't show up in blood or urine tests. However, just be careful with poppers - The Nitrate ions generated by Amyl (or Butyl or Isobutyl, etc.) Nitrate inhalation increase the body's production of Nitrosamines (known carcinogens). Frequent and/or prolonged use negatively affects the immune system, too. In other words, all inhaled nitrates increase the risk of cancer and especially Kaposi's Sarcomas in HIV+ individuals.
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I dont know what kind they were...............but i am concerned, i have been clean off all drugs for 5 months and am in a program that tests once a week....... And i inhaled poppers on saturday and i get tested next thursday... Will the poppers no matter what kind they were show up in the test ?

Thank you for your time
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1-2 minutes. You will be fine....there is no evidence detected by a urine or blood test. Have fun and pop-away.
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I don't know what kind of poppers you are talking about. If you mean NO2, nitrous oxide, it has a very short halflife in the human body and should not show up on a drug screen. If you are talking about huffing some other nitrite chemical, first you shouldn't do it, but the halflife would vary by drug type.
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Poppers stay in the system for a short period of time. If's like getting high off glue! Lol you be ok....keep sniffing. Will burn your nose hairs though
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I suggest the anonymous author of Best Answer  and Blurtit read the Wikipedia article on poppers before expressing any more of his/her opinions as "fact".
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My mate has been on poppers for just over a year and she has noting rong with her she is just a little bit crazy in the head.
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Okay...first of all...what kind of panel drug screen are you getting.  5-panel, 12-panel and 16-panel screens don't even test for the substances used in poppers.... Lmao

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By poppers do you mean a pill such as a muscle relaxer or xantex (sp)? If so these stay in your system for about 72 hours or 3 days. Drink lots and lots of water and tea over the next few days and you should be fine...
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For as long as the poker is in the fire ma friend ,it is out the system in 18 hrs but only if the fire is out

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