How To Make Poppers?


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It is possible to "make" poppers, by sourcing the chemicals they're made from. Poppers is the single name given to various different chemical combinations called alkyl nitrites, which are fairly easily accessible.  

Different bottles of poppers contain different chemicals, such as butyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite, and amyl nitrite, so if you are intent on making your own, these are the chemicals you'd need to get hold of.  

However, some of these chemicals are highly flammable, and reacting nitrates yourself is very risky!  

For example, reacting nitrous acid and Butyl nitrite to make n-butanol creates a compound which catches fire very easily!

What are poppers?

As mentioned before, poppers are simply a group of chemicals that fall under one label in order to be sold.  They're usually bought by people who want to use them as drugs.  They're inhaled straight out of the bottle more often than not.

What are the effects of poppers?

Poppers have a variety of effects including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Head rush "high".
  • Enhanced sexual drive/experience.
  • Chemical burns around the nostrils or mouth.
  • Irritation in the throat and nose.
  • Sickness.
  • Death if swallowed, or used by people with heart issues.

I wouldn't advise the use of poppers as they can be pretty dangerous if you've got an underlying medical condition.  They're mostly sold at music festivals, but it may be harder to obtain poppers these days as it's an offence to supply them, even if it's not an offence to possess them.

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