Does Birth Control Show Up In An Employment Drug Screen?


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Yes, it does, if the lab checks for it.  In fact, the hormones excreted
in their urine by women
using oral contraceptives and contraceptive implants, as well as women
on HRT (hormone replacement therapy, at menopause) have been implicated
in the pollution of our rivers and lakes, causing birth defects in fish.

Urine testing is VERY INTRUSIVE.  It can detect whether a man has had an
orgasm in the past 12-24 hours -- which is nobody's business -- and it
can detect if a woman is pregnant, a question possible employers are
FORBIDDEN BY LAW to ask directly.

It also reveals common prescriptions, and lets employers get around
asking if a person has a particular disability (such as diabetes,
depression, etc.) which is ALSO illegal.

Urine tests are a lousy way to try to figure out who is a good employee
and who is not.
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All medication shows up in a drug test as it is not part of the natural things that are normally found in the system...the best to you

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