Does speedway gas station do pre employment drug screen?


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You will find that they may do a drug screen to potential staff if they have had problems with people in the past who have been employed within the company. This is not going to be anything out of the ordinary as there are going to be many other companies which are now going to ensure that the drug screen is carried out before they create a contract with the employee and have them working within the company.


· You may find that the job you are applying for means you are going to be exposed to drugs

If this is the case - as it might be within the Speedway Gas Station, then you should expect that you are going to have to have the screening to ensure that you are not going to be a risk and that you are not going to encourage people and customers to do drugs on the premises. Also, the job is very direct with the public and therefore you should not be under the influence of drugs when you are working within the environment.

If you are a regular user of drugs and what the job, you should be prepared to come out of the substance that you take as there can always been a random drug screening to ensure that the staff are not going to be taking any drugs when they are working. If you have taken any drugs then you are going to have to be sure that you are not going to have to a drug screening for at least a week to ensure that everything you have taken - no matter what the amount may be - is going to be out of your system as soon as possible and you are not going to have any trace of it.
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Obviously if an applicant isn't using cocaine, heroin, meth, PCP, or pot, the assumption is that they should pass the 5-panel with no problem. Also, prescription pain medication and other prescriptions such as adderall, penicillin, novocaine, hydrocodone or oxycodone could be detected.

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