Will Water Flush Your System Thc?


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Yes....and no.  It will flush what is currently in your stream out after a few pees.  But it is still being pushed into your system.  You can drink enough water to piss clean and clear, but your creatine levels will be low...very.  And if that is tested for it will come as a dilute.  Which in most legal circles is a hot.  So ensure you take creatine....I take to spoon fulls and put it in water about an hour before I go take the you.A. After flushing with water.  It will raise the levels of creatine, and even though your urine is diluted from narcotics, the creatine levels they will most likely be looking at also will be high enough to pass the you.A. ...and yes I have done this.  I have passed 3 you.A.'s for probation this way and am taking one today using the same method. Drink some coffee too that day before and some vitamins to add color to your urine.
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No, reason being is because urine is already 99% water based. Another reason is because weed is not water soluble it needs something to cling to. But drinking water does help you cleanse your urine. If you are not a regular smoker than just drink plenty of water on up till the day of your urinalysis and 30 minuets prior to the drug test drink a dark soda. You don't want your urine to be to clean this will throw up a red flag to the person giving the drug test. This is where the dark soda comes in. It will put enough toxins back into the body to make your urinalysis read like it is suppose to. 

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