How Much Do Dispensary's Charge For Pot?


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Legalised pot, or marijuana, can be purchased at medical dispensaries listed online at various websites including, and The plant is available for use in several states including Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Michigan and Washington State and DC.
Any doctor can recommend marijuana as medicine, but it can of course be used recreationally. The cost varies on the dispenser, but a quick study can reveal common traits. With all prices per gram, private organic Cannabis costs $3.50 per gram; government (non-organic) Cannabis is five dollars, though some compassion clubs charge between seven and 12 dollars for this sort. If bought on the street, it can be up to 15 dollars. Patients and/or caregivers must obtain a Medical Marijuana ID card from the State Department of Public Health, which must be presented at a government authorized medical marijuana dispensary to allow sale and purchase of medical marijuana.
Those who attempt to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary without an ID card can face arrest and prosecution. As for the cost, some dispensaries offer value-added service such as tools to smoke your medical marijuana and so-called "safe havens" so you can self-medicate yourself free from law enforcement and the public. (Marijuana must be taken in private.) Medical marijuana dispensaries are not as sophisticated as one would hope with medical records such as a pharmacy.
Medical marijuana dispensaries are currently all over the United States when it comes to providing a service for patients who need consistent medication or professionalism that one would expect from a place they would sell medications. A typical medical marijuana dispensary will mark up their prices quite often from between 20 and 50% for the same type of strain that is offered from your so called "hook-up", so make sure you shop around to find the most reliable in your area, and enquire whether they deliver.

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