How Much Pot Do You Have To Smoke For It To Show Up In Your Urine?


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Last time I quit I took a self test and passed after one week, took another at week two and passed , same for week three and four and passed all. Went and tested and even gave my friend my urine and we both passed and that was 4 weeks I'm 5' 7.5" and weigh 145 lbs and was a HEAVY smoker 6 joints or more a night every day but never during the day at work (against that). As for one hit wont even register smoked a joint with my friend and he was tested randomly at work 2 days later and passed and he is a LOT bigger than me. Hope this helps a little, and think who is more of a hazard at work someone who smoked a joint the night before and is sober the next morning or someone who was drunk and still is the next morning? Also drug screening for the trades is discrimination, if they want to drug test the trade workers like crazy why not all occupations.
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You only need to smoke one joint and it will stay in your system for 3 days, depending on how good it is and how much you are smoking. If you smoke pot a lot it will stay in your system 30 days.
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Not much as modern drug testing can detect any drug for up to 6 months after usage
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One hit of marijuana will be enough to get into your bloodstream and urine, and should clear up after about a week. Though if you're a constant smoker, or you smoke a lot at one time, it can take months.

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