Does Drinking A Lot Of Water Help To Flush Meth Through Your Body Fast?


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If you've taken methamphetamine and you're facing a urine test, then - yes, drinking a lot of water will help flush the drug out of your system faster.

How long you have until your test, and how much of the drug you consumed will make all the difference though!

Testing for meth The chances are that, if you've taken meth, you've probably smoked it.

This is most common method of consuming methamphetamine, because the high is more powerful and comes on almost instantly.

The down-side is that, when your lungs absorb substances, they tend to stick around in various parts of your body for longer.

In most cases, flushing will only work if you give your body enough time to break down and process the methamphetamine fully.

You'll need at least a week for this.

How much meth you smoked will also have a big effect on how long your body needs to pass a test.

Flushing methamphetamine out of your system

In all honesty - if your test is in less than a week, then there's a good chance you'll test positive for meth regardless of how much water you drink.

The way flushing works is that it eliminates all the traces of the waste-products that methamphetamine creates in your body.

When you smoke meth, the chemical interacts with different parts of your brain and body, and is broken down into waste compounds called metabolites.

These metabolites get everywhere: Your bloodstream, liver, kidney, fat tissue.

It's the metabolites in fat tissue that a urine drug test is most concerned about. When you are active, your body is constantly burning fat to keep fueled-up.

This means that all the metabolites in your fat travel down to your liver where they get filtered out into the urinary tract.

Increasing your water intake will help speed up that process, as will staying active and exercising.

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