Will Drinking Lots Of Water Flush My Kidney Of Crack Cocaine, In Order To Pass A Drug Test?


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Getting crack cocaine out of your system is not easy.

According to some of my internet research, most crack cocaine users claim that it takes about 3 days to get the drug out of your system - even if you are planning to flush it out.

I'd suggest that, with the advancement in drug testing accuracy, it may even be longer than that.

Passing a drug test after taking crack cocaine
If you're worried about getting crack cocaine out of your system, the answer is that it'll really depend on the following:

  • how much crack you've taken
  • how pure the drug was
  • how it was administered
  • how long you've got before your drug test
The main problem you'll have with crack is that it is usually inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream by the lungs.

This means that traces of the compound that your body breaks the drug into will not only be present in your kidney, but will be in your bloodstream, liver, lungs, fat tissue and hair follicles.

Flushing crack cocaine out of my system As far as taking a urine test, flushing will certainly help dilute the amount of trace substance present in your urine - but an advanced test will probably still be able to pick up a reading for some time.

You can certainly try drinking copious amounts of water to try and filter your body, but it is likely that traces of the drug's waste-products will remain in organs like the kidney for a while.
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Yes, it will eventually help to flush your system. On average, cocaine takes 3-4 days to leave your system for a drug urine test.
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Cocaine takes at least 3 days to clear the system no matter how much water you drink.
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Yes! If you drink lots of water and some cranberry juice at times when
you get sick of water; your urine should be clean in 72 hours or 3 days.
However, that depends on your weight as well. I am very small like
140lbs. and i am skinny. So, if your a big person than you may take 4 or
5 days but, you still have to drink the water.
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Nope - as today's modern drug analysis testing method can detect any drug for up to 6 months after usage no matter what you do.
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That is not true ...if u continually drink water and keep peeing all that comes out is water and u should probably make sure the pee is completely clear

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