How Long Do The Hair Follicle Drug Test Results Take To Come Back?


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It can take anywhere from 48 hours to a fortnight for you to receive your drug test results. Most companies do understand the importance of these results and will work to ensure that you have them as quickly as possible, usually within 72 hours. Of course since nothing in life is perfect and there are no guarantees, you might find yourself waiting far longer than you expected, even if you're having your hair tested through one of the companies that promotes prompt service.

If you are receiving your results directly, that is, if you are having them mailed to your home, office, or anywhere else where you will personally receive them then any delivery delays might have more to do with your postal service than the tests themselves. However, it is also possible that the people behind your test saw the need to run it multiple times to confirm your results. Either way, they will reach you eventually. Just be patient.

When you are taking the test for another person, like a government official or a new or potential employer, then just tell yourself that no news is good news. While you may find the wait for your results to be an arduous affair, chances are good that drug tests are routine for the person who requested yours. As such, they're less likely to contact you with the good news that you're drug free than they are to inform you that you've failed your test. They'll simply assume that you know you're clean.

Normally I'd recommend that you contact either the laboratory testing your hair or the recipient of your results, but drug tests are tense territory and any enquiries into the status of your test could be seen as suspicious. The only people who have cause for concern are those who have used drugs within the past three months, anyway. Your best course really is to sit back, relax, and wait.
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I had my hair tested back in Maine the time will or might vary state to state I got my results in less then two weeks. I don't believe their was any  why to beat the test but there are sites below that might say it is possible. The hair foical don't lie and if it was done by someone that knew what they where doing then there is no way unless she knew

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