Will Norco Show Up Differently Than Oxycontin On A Urine Drug Screen?


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Yes, as Norco, like Lortab,  is hydrocodone while oxycontin, percocet, percodan, and roxicdone are all oxycodone-based RXs which means the Norco will show positive results, drug test wise, for hydrocodone.  Hydrocodone can show up radically differently than the oxycodone-based (very SHORT) list of oxycodone bases pharmaceuticals.  HYDROCONE CAN STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM  FOR SEVERAL DAYS, AS CAN OXYCODONE!! DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF FLUIDS, ESPECIALLY WATER OR ELECTROLYTE REPLACEMENTS, e.g. SPORTS DRINKS TO LLUSH THESE OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM ASAP@@

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