Can Opana ER's Be Smoked After Coating Is Removed And Crushed? I Heard A Nabor Was Doing This And Would Like To Help Him Quit.I Didn't Think It Could Be Done This Way And Did Not Want To Look Like A Fool.


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OpanaER is a brand of oxymorphone and it can be smoked if the coating is removed, and the tablet is crushed. This is not advisable, as the drug is available for prescription only, and any person who is willing to do this is actually breaking the law.

  • Effects of the drug
Oxymorphone have euphoric effects, hence its use as a recreational drug. The drug can become addictive very quickly, and like most opiates, will cause severe withdrawal once it has ceased being taken. Recreational users of the drug have been known to smoke the drug, as well as to intravenously inject it. The drug can also be chewed, or dissolved in water, or in alcohol.

  • Legal use of the drug
Oxymorphone is used for the relief of moderate and severe pain and is only prescribed to patients who are in need of it. It was introduced to the United States in 1959, as an alternative to heroin or morphine. The reason for the introduction of the drug is that the side effects of the drug were not thought to be as serious as the effects of morphine or heroin.

  • Risks of the drug
The drug can cause severe problems if an overdose is taken. Some common problems that exist with overdose are respiratory depression, a feeling of clamminess, the collapse of the circulatory system, and in extreme cases, cardiac arrest and death.

  • Other names for the drug
The drug is often referred to as blues, biscuits, blue heaven or new blues. The drug is used in the film Drugstore Cowboy, and is commonly referred to as blues throughout the film.

Before taking any drugs for any use, it is advisable to speak to a doctor to see what effects they could have. Prescription drugs should only be taken by the person they are prescribed to.
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I smoked a 40mg opana once off tin foil (once coating was removed of course) with outstanding results. It doesn't roll like oxys do, so you must crush it up and smoke the powder. Had me noddin like bin laden!

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