I Haven't Smoked Weed For 28 Days And Took A Home Drug Test And Past I Have To Take A Drug Test For A Job Tomorrow, Will I Pass That? Is It The Same Kind Of Test?


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Like the one with the marajuana problem. It depends which test they are using.... Urine test.... Hair test. I've never been there but I heard they said within a month your urine test should clear and for your hair test, weed will grow in your hair particles for 10yrs. *shruggs* not sure. Someone also told me that her brother in-law drinks a bottle of vinegar a day before the test. *yuck*
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I haven't smoked weed in about 5 weeks and was never a heavy pot smoker will I pass a cheek swab drug test
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The weed is also
called marijuana. It is used as medicinal and as well as for recreational
purpose. The drug dependence is its major side effects. It can be tested
positive in blood for 12 days, in urine for light users 2-7 days and for heavy
users 1-3 months, in hair follicles for 90 days. As you used it for 28 days, so
you can be tested positive for the THC. For more details, visit Drug test.

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