Can You Smoke Opana After Remove Coating?


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Opana is part of a group of drugs referred to as narcotic pain relievers.  It is quite similar to the powerful drug morphine. It is used by doctors to treat moderate to severe pain in their patients, and it is often used as an extended-release round the clock type of treatment for ongoing pain. It can also be used to treat other ailments, but should only be used as prescribed by a doctor since it can be habit-forming. Opana can be smoked after removing the coating, but just because you can do something, does not mean that you should do something.

If you are prescribed this drug, you should always follow the directions given by your doctor on taking them. Never give them out to friends or family to take for relief of pain, especially anyone who has a history of becoming addicted to any drug. Keep it in a secure place, the best option is to keep it somewhere that can be locked and secured. You should never take more than your prescribed dose and should never drink alcohol while on this medication, as it can result in sickness and other bad consequences. 

Opana is a powerful drug that can be very addicting. And like most drugs of this type, people will find various ways to use it to get high. There are some people who have perfected ways to snort the drug, inject the drug, and yes, there are people who have found ways to smoke the drug as well. People who smoke it tend to mix it with tobacco or marijuana to make it burn more evenly. But if you find yourself doing this, you more than likely have a serious drug problem and should consider getting some professional help to kick your addiction and resume a healthy lifestyle.
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Yes you can
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Hello? What do you mean "smoke it in the case/".

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