Are There Ways To Increase THC Levels In Marijuana?


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Wha can I use to increase the thc in my plants
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Maybe CBD oil can help you? I have heard that this natural product is harmless and not addictive. Which is why I threw you a great review site to help you review different brands in the UK. Be sure to try the cbd product and I'm sure you'll see the effect right away! All the best!

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Using a vaporizer  you can get high faster and get more thc and when your done with the vaporizer you can smoke the weed and get a buzz
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When you harvest the plant at that time THC is affected. THC level has increased from the 1960's era from 1 percent to 4 percent. Females and Gents have different level of tolerating THC, women have higher level than men.
Read more about it on the following links all of them are very useful

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