How Can I Lower The Thc Level In My Urine?


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The only way to really remove it from your system is time    and it takes around a month to come out of your system even if it's just a little and only once so if you smoke every day it will take a good long time to get it out. Really the best way to get it out is not to do it but you already know that RIGHT?
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What continues to be detected is not THC but a metabolyte marker which indicates that THC was once present.  The liver cleanses your system of this metabolyte just by doing its normal work.  Drink water and allow enough time to transpire and you will no longer test positive for the marker.
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Step one is the easiest, but may not be what you're looking for: Quit smoking pot.

Other than that
-THC is stored in fat cells. You'd want to exercise a lot
-Dilution. Just drink lots and lots of water. Most labs are smart enough to figure that out, but strictly speaking it does "lower the level"
-Use someone else's for the test, assuming you have one. Again, a reputable lab won't accept a sample under a certain temperature, so you'd want to have the bag/bottle up in your armpit. Yummy.
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Go to GNC and buy some pills called Quick Tabs

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