Can You Test Positive For Cocaine Through Kissing?


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Although a very small amount of cocaine does have the potential to be passed in the saliva, the trace is so minute that no drug test could possibly detect it.

So, no - you cannot test positive for cocaine through kissing.

Kissing a cocaine user, then taking a saliva test?
  • There are a number of different screening methods that are used to detect traces of cocaine in a person's system. These include the testing of urine, hair, blood, saliva - and sometimes, nails.
  • Cocaine can be detected in the urine anything from two to thirty days after it was last used.
  • In the case of blood-testing, cocaine traces will be detected in the blood for only around twenty-four hours after it was last used. This method of testing is expensive and not as useful as other forms of testing, although it is very reliable.
  • Cocaine can be detected in the saliva of a person for up to ten days after it was last used. However, as I stated before, the amount of cocaine passed through kissing would not be enough to give a positive result on a drug test.
  • Hair follicle testing is the best method to use if you wish to test someone for long term drug abuse. This form of testing can detect cocaine traces up to three months after it was last consumed.

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