Can Kissing Someone Who Is On Drugs Cause A False Positive On A Urine Test?


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  • he's either lying
  • the test has been mixed up
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A persons salivia alone does not make someone else become influenced. The count would b too low and he would not come out dirty .
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Not possible. Drugs are not transmittable through saliva. If they are, only a minute amount could be transmitted, but it would be so minute that it wouldn't show up on a drug test...There may be another reason for this reading. Maybe they got the tests mixed up or something, as I have heard of this happening.
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I disagree that drugs cannot be transmitted through saliva. I took LSD orally and after making out with my then girlfriend, she started "Tripping" so I know from personal experience that they can be transmitted, but LSD is a unique drug.
Michelle (Elle is my nickname)
LSD is taken orally. That's why it can be transmitted through saliva...the drug remains in the mouth as long as it takes to come off of it, and maybe beyond. Drugs taken any other way is virtually non-existent in saliva.
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Not at all. You cannot transmit drugs by swapping spit (pardon the vulgarism). Sometimes the tests themselves are wrong. They have a slight percentage of coming up wrong .Try a retest. Oh and do not forget to have a good heart to heart with your son first.

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