How Long Does A Gram Of Crystal Meth Last In Your System?


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It depends on what method of drug testing is carried out, but traces of methamphetamine can be found in a user's body up to three months after it was last used.

The body will naturally break down the drug, and over time will rid itself of it.

The length of time this takes will be dependent on various factors such as : The age, weight and gender of the user and the amount that has been taken.

An individual's metabolic rate will also have an impact.

How long does a gram of meth last?
Different types of drug screenings will be able to detect methamphetamine use for a varying amount of time:

  • Urine testing is the most commonly-used method of drug screening. This method is cost-effective, fast and simple. Methamphetamine traces can be found in a user's urine up to four days after it was last taken.
  • Likewise, saliva tests can also detect elements of methamphetamine for up to four days after the last usage.
  • Blood testing isn't as effective as the other methods, and can only detect the use of most illegal substances up to three days after the last dosage.
  • Hair follicle testing is the best method to detect long-term drug abuse. The presence of methamphetamine in the hair follicles can be found up to three months after the drug was last used.
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Longer than you think as modern day drug testing methods can detect the slightest trace of any drug (especially illegal drugs) for up to 6 months after usage, no matter what one tries or does.

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