How Long Does Crystal Meth Stay In The System?


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It usually takes about four days before crystal meth has left the urine. However, other types of drug testing will be able to detect methamphetamine use over a longer period of time.

The body will naturally rid itself of traces of methamphetamine. The time it takes to complete this will be dependent on a variety of factors, such as: The person's weight, age and gender.

The amount of meth that has been administered and an individual's metabolic rate will also contribute to how long it takes for traces of the drug to leave the system.

How long does crystal meth stay in your system?
It depends what method of testing is being used, but some drug screenings can detect traces of methamphetamine up to three months after the last usage.

  • Standard urine tests cannot detect traces of meth four days after it was taken.
  • Blood tests should only be able to find evidence of methamphetamine use up to three days after the last dosage.
  • Mouth swab tests look for metabolites of methamphetamine in the saliva of a user. This method is accurate until four days after the last usage.
  • Hair follicle testing can look for evidence of drug use over a much longer time period. This type of screening will be able to detect meth up to three months after the last dose!
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It usually takes 3-4 days, but it's taken 7 days to get out of my system a few times.

I guess it depends on how you do it and how much is done for how long but I think at the very most 7-10 days. 7 days should be good enough but if you want to be sure I'd give it 10.

Good Luck! Hope everything works out.
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Meth stays in the system 4-5 days.

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