Does Isopropyl Alcohol Post A False Positive For Scram Bracelet?


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There are a lot of cases today that have to do with abuse of alcohol and others related to this as well. In fact, abuse of alcohol is not only secluded to the middle age bracket alone. There are a lot of teens and young adults that go through this problem everyday. Various states in the US have considered, and are using, the Scram bracelet device to help monitor the use and abuse of alcohol in an individual's body particularly the isopropyl levels. It has helped authorities solidify their cases among people and find meaning ways to help them with their alcohol abuse.

Scram bracelets are usually strapped on an individual's ankle so that it can perform its tests on alcohol levels. The device works in such a way that it is able to determine various alcohols and drug content through the help of a person's perspiration. In essence, what takes place is that when an offender attempts to consume alcohol in their system, the device is able to detect these levels through the skin. Since the Scram device can generally be worn for a very long period of time, it is easily monitored through a central system and overseen by professionals in the field as well.

However, there are a lot of cases where people have repeatedly complained about being falsely accused of having high alcohol toxicity levels even when they are not consuming any alcohol at any given time. This is evident through the number of court cases being filed against false positive incidents where a significant number of individuals being monitored were falsely accused and brought back to custody. In effect, the device is considered by many as an inaccurate way of determining isopropyl alcohol levels and is currently being discouraged by many for its use.

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