Will Ambien cause a false positive on a drug test for alcohol?


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Given the fact that they are two totally different things, it shouldn't. It depends on the type of test being done and what they are looking for. Alcohol is a depressant, so that would show up as a depressant on a test. Something like sleeping pills are generally benzodiazepines and will show up as benzo's, if that's being looked for or can possibly show up as a depressant if the test is a cheap test. Even though Ambien is a sleeping pill, it is in a totally different category than other sleeping pills. It's a hypnotic drug, not a benzo or a depressant. So I do not think that it's possible to give a false positive for alcohol

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Juston Bene answered

No, ambien will not show positive or cause false positive on urine screen. It never has in my experience and ive tested many times after taking ambien the following night.

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