How Long Does Roxicet Stay In Your Urine?


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Roxicet can stay into a person's urine for up to four days after it was last taken.

Oxycodone is an opiate pain reliever, and is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen.

The presence of the less-strong acetaminophen within Roxicet acclerates and enhances the effect of the oxycodone.

This medication is prescribed to relieve the effects of modern to severe pain within patients.

How long does roxicet stay in your urine?
  • Urine testing is the most common method of drug screening, because it's both cost-effective and accurate. As stated above, Roxicet will stay in the urine for approximately four days.
  • Sometimes blood testing is used to detect traces of drugs within someone's system. Roxicet use can be detected within the blood for twenty-four hours after it was taken.
  • Mouth swab testing looks for traces of drugs within a subject's saliva. This method will be able to find Roxicet up to four days after use.
  • Hair follicle testing will be able to detect the presence of Roxicet for up to three months after it was last consumed. This method of testing is deployed when a long-term drug history of the subject is needed.
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This medicine contains acetaminophen and an opioid called oxycodone. So, this drug can be tested for 8-24 hours.

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