Does kush herbal incense show in a drug test?


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Adam Yare answered
No, kush herbal incense will not show up on a standard drugs test. However, it is still not wise to take any form of drug if you are applying for jobs which require clean drug tests - is it worth the risk?

The reason many employers insist on drug tests is to determine what type of person they are employing. They want their ideal candidate to be ultimately focused on the job and completely on top of their own life and health. Therefore, they want someone drug-free who does not have an underlying addiction that can bring a person down or make them act out of character. This is certainly worth thinking about before simply checking if the drug you wish to take will actually show up in a drug test.

It is important to think about how much less stress you would feel knowing there is no way you will test positive in a drugs test. It would give you immense confidence and hopefully pride to know you don't need the crutch of a substance to bring out your personality or to relax. The mind is a very powerful tool; if trained well enough and fed the correct stimuli, you will be able to feel natural highs that are more rewarding than substances.

If you feel you may have a drug problem, this admittance is the first step to recovery and quitting your habit. You should tell your doctor that you want help; they will no doubt refer you to a drug counsellor who will help in your journey to a new life that is drug-free.
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Arthur Wright answered
Traces sure will as traces can last for a couple weeks
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Jennifer Costa answered
No, I use kush and clean drug test
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Amanda Marie answered
Most likely. It also depends if you are a habitual user, or you smoked one time and a little bit. I'm going to guess it wasnt the first time or a little... So you should drink gallons of water until you piss and poop water. I'm serious,.
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Natasha Prosser answered
If it's sold in a place where marijuana is illegal than no, it's just imitating the smell. It has no THC or anything else that would cause you to fail a drug test :)
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Sukhdeep Singh answered
Yes you can since there are certain elements within the drug that show up in the test. It is most likely possible to detect these elements within a lab, so be careful if its a state or government lab.
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Many say no. But it actually does. They can tell because "kush" as its called (I call it crazy stupid) doesnt contain THC. But it does contain a "THC like" substance that is actually stronger than weed. That also combined with the trace amounts of poppy seeds, combined with the herbal and incense ingredients raises a big red flag. A buddy of mine had a surprise piss test at work, and he had been doing this "kush" for a little while. It showed up in the test and he was fired. Like I said, people say no it can't be traced, but its pretty easy to put the puzzle together, especially when the so called pieces are right in front of you. If you are doing it then please stop. Btw, way more dangerous than weed and smoking cigarettes combined.

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