Can Kush Herbal Incense Show In Drug Test?


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The straight answer to this is no, as a standard drug test when trying to detect marijuana will only check for THC of which Kush does not have.

Kush is made from Mullein leaf, Lemon balm, Indian tobacco, Passion flower, Wild lettuce and California Poppy. All of these ingredients put together are sold in 1.5g bags and cost around $20 on average. It is legally sold in stores up and down America and can also be found in different flavours.

The appeal of Kush is that it is legal and that the ingredients are collected and ten sprayed with synthetic chemicals to mimic the natural THC that is found in Marijuana that gets you high.

This substance has been available in the U.S for around 18 months and the popularity for Kush has skyrocketed, but do not be fooled into thinking that this is something that only young people buy, there have been massive spikes in the sales to people in their 40s and up which has astounded retailers across the country. You do have to be 18 to by Kush and it is more likely to be found in your local Tobacco Shops and Smoke Shops.

The maximum that a person can buy of the product in one store is 5g and the rear label of each 1.5g bag does state that it is not indented for human consumption, although clearly this is what it is being used for. The actual purpose for Kush is for it to be burn like incense

Looking online for store to buy the drug from is easy and there are also plenty of videos on a well known video site where you can watch other people during their experiences of smoking Kush. Watching one may help you to decide on whether smoking Kush is for you or whether without trying it you are completely put off.

The debate on these so called 'legal' highs will rage on and for everyone that is taken off the shelf another one will go up in its place.  The Department of Public Safety is looking into Kush ad narcotics detectives are fully aware of Kush and the effects it does have on people, but the department has said that they have not had to date any recorded complaints or emergency room calls because of it.

In fact it has been discovered that Kush has five chemicals similar to THC produces which the makers spray the incense with but there may be more than 5 and it is this that makes it completely impossible to drug test for.
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If you are referring to herbal incense and herbal kush which kids are smoking to get high then the answer is no. If you are on probation and want to smoke this stuff because you can't smoke weed, then you will not come up on a standard drug screening.

Labs are able to make drug test for these new designer chemicals which are showing up in herbal incense and herbal kush products. However the amount of money it would cost to create a new test every time a new company puts a new unknown synthetic designer drug in a blend is not worht it and would cost to much to implement. So yes a test could be created. I know there has been a test created for JWH, however the probability that a test will be made every time a new chemical comes out is very unlikely.
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Nope, the detection of herbal incense won't be as possible as any other drugs like marijuana.  So you are safe on that part.  Nothing to worry on it because you will be able to pass, absolutely without any hassle.
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You talking about the Kush flavored inscents ? Absolutely not. Neither will any synthetic weed.
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Any substance or meds introduced into ones body will show up in drug test

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