How Long Does Serenity Now Herbal Incense Stay In Your System? Can You Fail A Drug Test Using It.


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Serenity Now Herbal Incense is gaining popularity and a large following among people who want to let go of their bad smoking habits. Instead of using products that use ingredients that almost resemble heroine, Serenity Now Herbal Incense uses a blend of fruits and plants extracts. People who have used this product were able to experience a significant decrease in their longing for cigarettes. However, there are those who claimed otherwise. At any rate, its effect varies fro one person to the other. Consequently, its effect is not the same for people. It can stay in one's system for days while it can also last for hours with other people. Here are some facts you should know about it:

• Serenity Now Herbal Incense is a synthetic marijuana that is marketed as a legal weed. It can be used by anybody because it does not have any chemical content. As such, anybody who is using it should not worry about undergoing a drug test immediately thereafter.
• It does not have any harsh side effects on the system and it will come out negative after tests for THC-COOH have been done. This also applies in instances where the product has been used a few hours before the test. No wonder, it is used by many people because of its many benefits and safe of use.

On the other hand, some people have taken advantage of its popularity and potency that they have concocted a similar blend which includes marijuana to give people a certain kind of high.  In which case, you need to be very wary about this kind of ploy because it is very difficult to tell the difference. As such, it is expected of people to read the labels before buying the item. Better yet, it pays to get it from the authorized distributor.
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Detectable traces of any drug can last for up to 6 months under new improved super sensitive drug testing methods

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