Does total eclipse assure detox work to pass a drug test if you've used opiates?


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I have not found any concrete evidence that states the detox substance you are referring to will help to help you pass a drugs test. You should be aware of how an opiate drug can be detected in a drugs test.

  • What are Opiates?
Opiates come from poppy plants and they are used in order to relieve pain. Sometimes they can be administered by healthcare professionals to various patients suffering from an injury or chronic problem. They can include Methadone, Demerol, Codeine or Morphine. This are used in medical situations however they do have a risk of becoming highly addictive. In addition, drugs such as cocaine and opium are forms of opiates that are specifically used for substance abuse.

  • How can they be detected?
The most common way of detecting opiates in the system is through a urine drug test. In this case the testing strip is able to identify if around 2000 nano-grams of opiate is contained in every milliliter of urine. Other forms of drug testing can detect the use of opiates and they are generally done by blood tests as well as saliva tests.

  • How long is it detectable?
The amount of time that opiates remain detectable in your system can differ depending on a number of factors. These specific factors include weight and body mass, so if you are overweight and have a heavy body mass then you are likely to take longer in metabolizing the opiates. In addition, gender is known to affect the amount of time in which opiates can be detected. However, in common cases opiates can start to appear in the body two hours after they have been ingested. Also, they can remain detectable 3 days after.

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