Does Detox Shampoo Really Help You Pass A Drug Test?


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Yeah there are definate ways to pass a hair folicule test, but they strip your hair bad
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No, I would think not. People try to sell all kinds of gimmicks and tricks and tools to help you pass a drug test, but the only real way to pass is to not do drugs. You should not be doing illegal drugs anyway. The drugs will show up in your urine and blood. And if you are trying to pass a drug test for a job, remember in the USA economy right now, if you fail a drug test and lose your job, there will be 100 other people immediately standing in line to take your job. So if you want to get a job or keep a job, now is not the time to be doing drugs in the USA.
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You know I'm man has been laid off over a year now, and unemployment money has run out. He still is looking for a job.

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