Does Total Eclipse Assure Detox Work To Pass A Drug Tests If You Smoked Weed?


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No, a total eclipse assures detox will not stop intakes of drugs being shown up in a drug's test.

  • How to detox ahead of a drug's test
In order to pass a drug's test, your body must be rid of toxins so it is important that you try and detox. There are a number of manufactured detox methods that are available to the public; however there are some simple things that you can do to help cleanse your body.

  • Eat the right food
Having a healthy diet is important anyway but it is even more vital when you are trying to rid your body of toxins. You should load your body with foods high in fiber, carbohydrates and vegetables. In addition you should eat a lot of protein which comes in an array of white meats. Try and refrain from eating junk food because they have too many calories and grease which can stop your detox regime from working. Remember not to completely cut out foods you normally eat, but just do it in moderation because starving yourself will not help.

  • Drink plenty of water
Water is vital if you are to rid your body of toxins because it cleanses straight through your system. It is a natural substance which is welcomed by the body and it is the healthiest drink you could have. It is advised that you drink about eight glasses of water a day to maintain a healthy state. Stay away from alcohol because traces can sometimes be detected in drug tests.

  • Get some exercise
Exercise is perfect for detoxification because when you sweat you are releasing all the negative toxins out of your body. You are also improving your metabolic rate. This ensures that you are clearing your body from toxins at a faster pace.
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If done correctly. Must pee 4+ times before UA and drink more water than package says .  Its worked for multiple friends for probation and career jobs. Good luck!

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