How long will 15mg of morphine stay in my system?


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Depends on your metabolism and drug tolerance , but morphin is out of metabolic system (blood) fast. Approx. Detection period for
urine drug test- 3-5days/ habitual use- 4-7 days
saliva drug test- 6-24 hours /1-2 days (!!! Test have no nationally accepted standards or cutoff concentrations, so add 1-2 days or 3-4 for frequent recent use )
blood drug test- 1-5 days/ 4-10 days
standard hair drug test- up to 90 days
Check in your local pharmacy for home drug test kit (single opiate test is cheapest)

and yes, traces of drugs can remain for long period of time but this is extra testing and will cost allot
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Detectable traces of any drug can remain for up to 6 months after last usage no matter what one does with new and improved super sensitive tests now implemented and is why so many are failing drug tests
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2-4 days
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Wrong my friend , but anything for points, hey?
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No not really anything for points here as opium tends to stay in your system for 2-4 days, if you don't believe me check here: Http://

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