How Long Will Doxycycline Stay In My System?


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I was taking Doxy for 7 days, two pills a day @ 100mg each. It's been almost a week since I took the last pill and I am still suffering from slight intestinal pressure. Went to the doctor twice last week when it was worse and I didn't know what was going on. They ran tests and I didn't have any blood in my urine (since I felt like there was an infection down there) and no inflamed bits either, thankfully!

I have no reason to disagree with the doctor since they seemed pretty certain even before they ran tests on me that it was the Doxy. "It's a tough drug" according to the doc. But I wish it would stop and still a bit skeptical. I have a follow up Friday (it's Wednesday now) and hopefully I'll be 100% by then. In conclusion, Doxy STINKS

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