How long will it take for 'roxies' to show on a drug screen? 


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Roxies (Roxicodone) will show
up on a drug screen quite fast after initially taking them, depending on how
quickly your body synthesises the drug. As an estimate, it will be detectable
within 3 hours.

What you need to know if you've got a roxies drug test coming up

Roxies provide narcotic pain
relief. They do this by ‘tricking’ the brain, making it detect less pain than
the body is actually experiencing. People who take larger quantities of roxies
sometimes find that other parts of their bodies are affected by the drugs.
These include respiratory and circulatory systems. The average prescribed adult
dose of roxies is 10 to 30 mg every four hours.

Roxies, like other narcotics,
are highly addictive and available on prescription. People begin using them for
pain relief but their use can escalate into something out of control and
dangerous.  Physical symptoms of
addiction may include: Decreased respiration rate, weakness, dizziness,
respiratory infections and even seizures.

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