James help me out brother does drinking water and baking soda let me pass a ua I'm dirty 4 cocaine and meth I'm at work tell 330 I need to piss by 5pm if I get 1 piss before ua will I pass


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Many people assume that drinking excessive amounts of water and adding other ingredients will accomplish a negative result. However is it dangerous (people have died from water intoxication) it is also risky because colorless urine (which occurs when you drink massive amounts of fluid) arouses suspicion, possibly flagging the sample and causing them to run the sample at a lower CONFIRMATION level of 15 ng/mL (15 nanograms per milliliter) instead of a STANDARD test screen level of 50 ng/mL (this example is of THC). When the UA is run before the screen it will read that the specific gravity is low and it will be flagged, this also will cause a lower level test to be run.
You can try the "old wives tales" Niacin pills, baking soda, and lots of fluids...and then pee at least once before you go test.  But because of new technology, unless you swap the sample, it's really not easy (or likely) to "beat" a drug test. 
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To tell you seriously, you should not be drinking too much booze. Stop it, it will harm your health and you will not fear of failing any of these tests if you drink it with moderation.

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