How Long Does Cannabis Take To Get Out Of System?


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These people are getting their answers from other websites. They have no factual basis. People want real answers not what someone reads. One time use for me {I have little body fat } is 3-4 days. Use once a week 7-10 days. It depends on body fat and activity level plus the strength of the weed. Regular use and I test clean in 14 days. I hope you are that lucky and a lot of weed heads might consider that diet LOL. I weigh 145.
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30   days
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Usually about 30 days,,depending on how big you are,,and how much you smoked,,if you only smoked once then a few days ,,but a regular user takes a bout 30 days
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It varies depending on how much & how often you use. One time use is 3-10 days. Regular use is 30-45 days. Chronic use is up to 90 days.
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It takes up to at least thirty days to get out of your system. But theres no guarantee it will be completely out.

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