How Long Does Pot Stay In Your System? I Have To Take A Piss Test After Two Weeks Of Smoking A Couple Of Tokes , Im Not A Pot Smoker . Just Had A Couple Of Tokes


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30 days drink lots of water and cranberry juice
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You need to do alot more research...your information is incorrect. Rare use of marijuana can be out of your system in 3 days to a week an a half. THC is cumulative in it's saturation of the fat cells it binds to. If you use rarely and only use a small amount the is minimal binding to the fat cell and a low level of cellular saturation. This means it will be burned up as the FEW fat cells it is attached to are used by the body.
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Occasional use of weed is out of the system in 3-10 days.. You should be fine.
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Way more than that
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I've passed a urine test 2 days after taking a few hits. It has been proven that occasional use of weed does not stay in the system 30 days. 3-10 days top.
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If I took two hits of weed how long will it stay in my system?
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I don't know. But try not 2 smoke eveer again. Because the stuff takes forever to get out of your system.
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It does not matter how much you smoked or ow often you smoke the weed will stay I your system for about 28 to 20 days. Try a pill called nyacin it will burn the weed right out of your body. And any other drug at that.

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