How long does synthetic marijuana stay in your system?


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Over the last decade or so there have been a number of different synthetic versions of marijuana that have been created and sold on the open market legally. These legal highs are smoked by a large number of people around the world of all ages but many of the people that do indulge are not 100 per cent sure as to what the side effects are and how long the drugs actually stay in your system for.

Some of the most popular synthetic marijuana products that are currently being smoked are K2, Spice and Mr Nice. These products, along with a number of the other legal highs that are currently available on the open markets, will tend to stay within your bloodstream for approximately 72 hours after you have used them. However, as with any type of drug this can obviously vary for a number of different reasons.

Your size and body mass will have a lot to do with the length of time the synthetic marijuana stays within your system. The larger you are, the less time it will generally stay in your system for. Obviously, if you have only consumed a small amount of the drug then it will probably leave your system more quickly, whereas if you have consumed a lot of the substance then it may take longer than 72 hours.

Your age and your metabolism will also affect the rate at which the substance leaves your system. One important thing to remember though is that the drug is currently legal and does not show up on normal drug tests for illegal marijuana use.
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I smoked 2 bowls of Def-Con 5 one night at about 2am. The next day I wanted to see if it showed up on a drug test so I bought a take home test from CVS. I tested positive for THC at 8pm. This stuff does show up on drug tests to my surprise. Now I have read different places that it can stay in your system for 72 hours.  So who knows, but the lie that it doesn't show up on tests is exactly that, a complete shows up, so be careful.
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I guess then synthetic and non synthetic have no difference as in the case of side effects, its just marijuana which is legal, then why didn't the govt just legalize marijuana. But seriously speaking, my younger brother had applied for US Air Force and he had to undergo some medical test in which it can be found if marijuana has been taken. So he abstained for 2 week and his tests came clean. He also had lots of Gatorade during that period.
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In order for it to come out posotive you have to know what your testing for you can't just test someone in a urine test and everything they have ever done just pops up in the test you have to know what you are looking for so unless your looking for fake weed you'll always come out clean as a whistle.
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Synthetic weed doesn't show up in a test and only last 3-4 hours, I smoked it the day before took a test the next day and nothing showed up in the test, if you smoke synthetic marijuana and they are searching for real marijuana it will not show up you could run a million tests and it will never show up because they are not testing for synthetic marijuana, like any other kind of drug you could have did crack then the next day get tested for marijuana and it wont show up in the marijuana test.
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in New Zealand they test for Synthetic weed. and it does show up if you've smoked it the day before.
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For "fake weed" products, like spice, K2, Magma,etc.. You should not be concerned its legal mix of  herbal plants.But if you ask for pot in the pill like xanax (benzodiazepine class) check detection time online by type of test you have ..urine, hair,etc..

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