If I took a hit of THC on Saturday, will I come out dirty on Wednesday?


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Most likely, yes. THC is a drug that stays in the body for quite awhile. That is why withdrawal from it is not so bad compared to other drugs.  (It's typically easier than nicotine).

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There is a good chance you will pass this THC test, as four days is often long enough to detox. However it's impossible to be certain...

How long THC remains in the body depends on lots of different factors, and there is no way to say with a 100% certainty either way, but I can give you an idea about the sort of variables that will affect results, so you have a better idea.

  • If you are a very occasional user, or this was your first time, THC will most be able to be detected using a standard urine test for 1-3 days, in which case, if you smoked a joint on a Saturday, chances are your test would be clean by Wednesday.
  • However, if you are a regular user, it will take an awful lot longer for the drug to completely leave your body, and avoid detection. Sometimes as long as 45 days.
  • Another factor to consider is the type of test you are under going. Blood tests can pick up THC use from much further back than urine tests, reportedly up to 6 months.
  • Finally, your body make up will also play a role. If you are naturally slim and have a high metabolism, your body will probably metabolise the THC far quicker than if you are overweight, as the THC chemical is stored in the fat cells.

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