Will I Pass A Drug Test If I Took One Hit Of Weed One Week Before?


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Highly doubt it. What you could do is by a box of sure-jell at your local grocery store. Mix the whole box with a quart of warm water mix it all together and slam it about an hour before the test. Also that Morning when you wake up Yale two vitamin b tabs. You will fill that your blatter is going to expload for about thirty min. The jell will make you pee clear and clean for sure. The vit b tab will make your pee turn yellow so it won't look clear. I take a test every Friday and smoke weed every day and I pass every time. Don't worry about the test failing for being altered and dilluted it won't because of the vitamin and sure-jell has pectin in it which contains the same nutrients that is also filtered out of our kidneys. Trust me I've been doing  thos every week for three years. Good luck

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