I Did One Line Of Cocaine 2 Months Ago. Will It Show Up In My Hair Follicle Test?


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Yes, it is more than likely that you will fail a hair follicule test if you took cocaine only two months ago. This is because traces of cocaine can be detected in hair for anything up to three months after it was last used.

Your body will naturally cleanse itself of traces of drug use. However, the length of time this takes depends on your weight, gender, age, how much you took and your body's rate of metabolism.

I did one line of coke - how long does it stay in my hair?
  • Cocaine can be detected in a urine test anything between two days and a month after usage. This method of drug screening is the most common form of test.
  • Blood tests are also sometimes used to detect traces of cocaine. In this form of test, the drug can be detected for up to twenty four hours after it was taken.
  • Saliva tests are less common, but are still in use. They work by taking a swab from the mouth of a test subject. By using this method, drug test technicians can detect cocaine use from one to ten days after it was last used.
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I'd give you a 50/50 shot. I've been told that hair follicle tests are good up to 3 months. At least that's what my last place of employment said, and that was for a cdl job and the d.o.t is very strict.

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