How Long Does Urine Samples Last In The Refrigerator?


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This same question of how long does urine samples last, was posed on the website and was answered by a contributor going by the name of Doctor Anant Paul. According to the doctor natural human urine has a very short shelf life of around 24 hours at the outside, even if refrigerated. After this time the sample is likely to become contaminated by bacteria.

  • Is that the same for Synthetic Urine?
No, according to the doctor, and as also claimed by one of the many online suppliers of synthetic urine: a vacuum-sealed sample will apparently last up to a whole year if kept in the refrigerator, and for about a month once the seal is broken, so long as the sample is still kept cold.

  • Is the temperature really THAT important?
It really depends on what the urine is being used for; if it is being used to hoodwink a urine test, not that blurtit advocate such practices, then it is vitally important to keep the urine at the correct temperature. If the urine is too cold then the laboratory will come to the conclusion that the sample may have been substituted.

  • What do you mean by "it really depends on what the urine is being used for"?
Well other than having it tested by a doctor for whatever reason, urine is also thought to have a lot of health benefits when used in various ways, commonly known as 'Urine Therapy'.

  • Eurghh! Dare I ask in what ways?
There are many claims as to the health benefits of using urine both internally through drinking, and externally, via application to the skin. For practitioners, urine is a panacea which can cure and alleviate multiple ills, more on this can be found here. While the counter argument from the skeptics can be read here
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It depends how long the urine was kept in ambient temperature conditions before refrigeration. Urine can be kept outside a refrigerator for a total of 6-8 hours and still keep its integrity. If put in a refrigerator immediately, it can last 5 days to 2 weeks (depending on who you ask). For drug tests, it can usually keep for over 5 days. However freezing the specimen is recommended. If tightly sealed, specimens can be expected to keep for up to a year.
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I need a urine sample for a medical and was wondering if I can use a sample from the night before?
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Yes you can. Keep in fridge over night then microwave for 10-15 sec before you leave and either put in vag in your a woman or under armpit until test

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